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"Hanging Birds" is the colloquial name for a unique sculpture more formally entitled, "What We Can't Do Alone, We Can Achieve Together" conceived by Studio Roso.

The artwork is suspended from the roof of the City Hall in the City of Surrey in British Columbia and comprises a flock of bird-like shapes which appear to be flying through the building. At night, a special lighting system further animates the sculpture.

Sophie Nielsen and Rolf Knudsen of Studio Roso, were inspired by the behaviour of animals, who work collectively to ensure their survival. "Democracy can be interpreted as the power of many. What is hard for a single individual to accomplish can be achieved as a group – the power of numbers. It is also the notion of caring – thinking of your fellow man and standing together. As a way of conveying the brief theme of "Democracy" we have worked with a conceptual analogy of democracy – a flock of birds" says Nielsen and Knudsen.

TALL engineered the concept for the support of the flock, as well as designing the individual connections and ensuring that the installation would remain safe even during an earthquake.

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